2018 VAAEA Officers

President: Tim Mize, Fauquier County - tmize@vt.edu

President-Elect: Lindy Tucker Fimon, Lunenburg County - tucker07@vt.edu

Vice-President: Theresa Pittman, Accomac County - tpittman@vt.edu

Treasurer: Jeremy Daubert, Rockingham County - jdaubert@vt.edu

Secretary: Alyssa Elliott, Amherst County - ajelliott@vt.edu

Past President: Melanie Barrow, Henry County/Martinsville - mwbarrow@vt.edu

Registered Agent: Scott Reiter, Prince George County - jreiter@vt.edu


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Committee Descriptions

National Committees

NACAA National Committee HandbooK

State Committees

Foundation Committee

This committee is responsible for managing and making recommendations for the use of the VAAEA Foundation Account. The chairperson for this committee is appointed by the President of the Association.

Association Policy

This committee has the responsibility of making recommendations for changes in extension policy, as it affects association members. Committee members should be aware of changes in extension policy, and look for possible effects of policy changes on association members.

Life Members

The life member committee is responsible for maintaining relationships and communications with VAAEA life-members and retirees. Committee members should be aware of life members in their districts and make sure that they are included in VAAEA functions as appropriate.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for making nominations for candidates for officers to the association. Membership consists of the senior district directors, and the committee is chaired by the immediate past president, as per the VAAEA constitution and bylaws.

National Meeting

The national meeting committee coordinates state activities during the NACAA Annual Meeting & Professional Improvement Conference, and communicates details for these activities to the membership.

Association Finance

The Association Finance committee coordinates fundraising activities and provides oversight to the financial activities of the association. A separate audit committee is appointed by the president annually to audit financial records.