All current VAAEA members are eligible for participation in the numerous awards and recognition programs conducted by the National Association. Many of the professional improvement awards are in the form of special pre-conference trips and seminars, conducted in conjunction with the NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference. Other awards include the Annual Communications Awards Program, which recognizes agents for excellence in several communications categories, such as newsletters, fact sheets, and program publicity pieces. The most prestigious awards offered by VAAEA/NACAA are the Achievement Awards, Distinguished Service Awards, and the Wall of Fame (Virginia only). Below you will find a listing of the various professional improvement awards and recognition programs available. Most awards are linked to a specific National and/or State Committee. Contact the appropriate committee chairperson for more information or visit the NACAA awards page for information and applications.

Achievement Awards

The Achievement Award recognizes agents with less than 10 years of professional experience for excellent service to their extension service and association.

Past Achievement Award Winners

Year      Winner(s)

2018 Amy Fannon and Todd Scott

2017 Stephen Barts and Jennifer Ligon

2016     Neil Clark and Pete Callan

2015     Janet Spencer

2014     Lisa Sanderson and Kevin Camm

2013      Michael Andruczyk and John Thompson

2012     Wythe Morris

2011     Jamie Stowe

2010     Melanie Barrow and Scott Jerrell

2009     Joyce Latimer and Brad Mullins

2008     Bruce Jones and Glenn Slade

2007      Adria Bordas and Matt Lewis

2006      Sue Puffenbarger and Taylor Clarke

2005      Scott Baker and Andy Overbay

2004      Dr. Scott Greiner and Mike Roberts

2003      J.B. Daniel and Dan Goerlich

2002      Cynthia Gregg and Donna Tuckey

2001      Scott Jessee and Jennifer Morris

2000      Regina Prunty

1999      David Moore

1998      Brad Jarvis and Steve Hopkins

1997      Bill Dimock

1996      Corey Childs and James Harris

1995      Karen Carter and Garry Larrowe

1994      Keith Balderson and Philip Blevins

1993      Robert L. Jones and Joseph R. Hunnings

1992      Harold L. Jerrell

1991      Paul Davis

1990      Neal T. Vines

1989      Lanny Hass

1988      James Maitland

Responsible committee: Recognition and Awards

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes agents with more than 10 years of professional experience for excellent service to their extension service and association.

Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

Year      Winner(s)

2018      Bobby Clark and Scott Greiner

2017      Joyce Latimer

2016     Adam Downing and Glenn Slade

2015     Watson Lawrence and Scott Reiter

2014     Taylor Clarke and Bruce Jones

2013     Scott Baker and Andy Overbay

2012     Jon Vest

2011     Scott Jessee and Mike Parrish

2010     David Moore and Rodney Leech

2009     Corey Childs and Jon Repair

2008     Don Davis and Cynthia Gregg

2007      Jim Belote, Dee Whittier and Bill Whittle

2006      Karen Carter, Regina Prunty and Cal Schiemann

2005      Bill Seay and Carl Stafford

2004      Brad Jarvis and Kelly Liddington

2003      Eric Eberly and Steve Hopkins

2002      Paul Davis and Keith Balderson

2001      Charles Conner and Phil Blevins

2000      Fred Diem and Suzan Craik

1999      Ray Simms, Jim Orband and Steve Umberger

1998      Gary Hornbaker and Randy Shank

1997      Tom Covey and Ed Overton

1996      Charlie Curry and Bill McKinnon

1995      Lance Kauf, Jerry Swisher and Spencer Tinsley

1994      Sam Johnson, Alvin Thomas and Harlan White

1993      Michael L. Henry and James E. Riddell

1992      James T. Dunford, A. L. "Ike" Eller, Jr. and Richard C. White

1991      Jim Myers, Richard Nunnally and Harold Roller

1990      James R. Grove, David R. Danner and William H. Harrison

1989      Gary Deoms, Ernest Craun and Russel Leslie

1988      Gary Dingus, Clifton Davis and Bob Coggsdale

1985      Larry McPeters

1984      Frank Smith

Responsible committee: Recognition and Awards

VAAEA Wall of Fame

The VAAEA Wall of Fame was created in 1999 to recognize Virginia Cooperative Extension professionals for "outstanding contributions to Virginia agriculture and meritorious service to Virginia Cooperative Extension." Each year one retiree and one current employee are recognized. Nominations are taken from the current VAAEA membership and winners are selected by an appointed committee.

Past VAAEA Wall of Fame Honorees

Year      Honorees

2018     TBA

2017 Jon Repair, Retiree and Carl Stafford, Active

2016 Cynthia Gregg, Active

2015     Allen Strecker, Retiree and Keith Balderson, Active

2014     Harlan White, Retiree (posthumously) and Rodney Leech, Active

2013      Bob Tudor, Retiree (posthumously) and Karen Carter, active

2012      Bob Pilch, Retiree and Phil Blevins, active

2011      Dr. Steve Umberger & Dr. Bill McKinnon, retirees and Steve Hopkins, active

2010      Lowell Gobble and Kelly Liddington

2009      Mike Henry and Regina Prunty

2008      David Danner and Brad Jarvis

2006      Alvin Thomas, retiree and Jim Orband, active

2005      Fred Diem, retiree and Jimmy Osborne, active

2004      Charlie Curry, retiree and Sam Johnson, active

2003      Jim Smith, retiree and Tom Covey, active

2002      Roy Heltzel, retiree and Jim Riddell, active

2001      Dick Cockrell, retiree and Jack Dunford, active

2000      Larry Blair, retiree and Dick White, active

1999      Delbert O'Meara, retiree and Jim Myers, active

Responsible committee: Wall of Fame (appointed by President)

Communications Awards

The purpose of the NACAA Communications Awards program is "To recognize NACAA members who excel in communicating programs and ideas to their clientele." Entries are received and judged by the Virginia Communications Committee and State winners are selected. All entries are then submitted to the regional chairs for consideration. Agents are responsible for submitting their own materials for competition. Winners are selected at State, Regional and National levels. National finalists receive a cash award, and are expected to attend the National AM/PIC to attend the awards luncheon.

Responsible Committee: Communications

Other National Awards

There are other numerous awards available through the NACAA awards program. Most are closely tied with the Annual Meetings and Professional Improvement Conference and consist of special workshops, seminars, opportunities to present, and poster sessions.